In the dictionary, to donate means “to transfer, free of charge, to another person, legally, an asset, amount, property or advantages, etc., which was previously in your possession”. However, giving is much more than that.

Giving literally makes us feel good. The act of donating effectively contributes to transforming society, institutions and, above all, people for the better. The donation can be with money, time, talent, clothes, toys, food or whatever you want. It is an act of detachment, renunciation, surrender and love for others.

Over its 28 years of existence, Casa Durval Paiva has shown how this little word has managed to transform the lives of thousands of families. In 2020, through its multidisciplinary team, consisting of a social worker, dentist, physiotherapist, psychologist, nutritionist, occupational therapist, educator, pharmacist and early diagnosis sector, more than 12,500 consultations were carried out.

Allied to this, the institution offered its guests more than 28,000 meals and 4,000 accommodations, with transfers for consultations, exams and medical care. As a way to help with the nutrition of patients and their families, Casa Durval Paiva distributed around 2,000 complete food baskets. All this thanks to the donations received, financial or non-financial.

In addition to the direct care provided to patients, the institution also values ​​and thinks about the future of caregivers, through professional training courses, through the Casa dos Ofícios, where they learn a profession and can constitute a source of income for the entire family. In addition, all companions are entitled to consultations with the technical team during their stay at Casa Durval Paiva.

As its social support component, Casa Durval Paiva has been promoting, for 24 years, Projeto Vida, which has already guaranteed access to safe and healthy housing for more than 230 families, with the renovation or construction of new homes. Contributing to the quality of life of children and adolescents undergoing treatment for cancer and chronic hematological diseases, as well as their families.

In recognition of the work provided by the institution and its transparency in the management of resources and in the demonstration of results, CDP was elected the Best NGO in the Northeast, in 2017, and the Best NGO in Brazil, in 2018, for the "Best NGOs" award " from the DOAR Institute. In 2020, it received the important Doar Management and Transparency Standard Certification.

In the fundraising process, through public notices, the institution has already been awarded projects approved by the State Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (CONSEC) and the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents of Natal (COMDICA), Fundo da Childhood and Adolescence (FIA). Through the Djalma Maranhão Cultural Incentive Program, it guaranteed funds from Banco do Brasil; by the Câmara Cascudo Law Program, resources from Instituto Neoenergia. In addition, it had the contribution of institutions such as Fundação Abrinq, Volkswagen and Criança Esperança.