Casa Durval Paiva was certified for the second time by Instituto Doar

Casa Durval Paiva was certified for the second time by Instituto Doar

The "Selo Doar," or Donate Seal (Concept A+), is a certificate attesting the compliance with the Management and Transparency Standard for the Third Sector and is valid for one year. This recognition aims to encourage, legitimize and highlight the professionalism and transparency in Brazilian nongovernmental organizations in the form of an independent certificate attesting its compliance with the Standards of Professional Management and Transparency (SPFT), also known as the "Selo Doar," or Donate Seal.

The "Selo Doar" is obtained through a thorough evaluation of 44 essential criteria, defined so that the organization can continuously improve its performance in management and transparency, being the main ones: Cause and action strategy; Representation and responsibility; Organization and institutional management; Financing strategy; Transparency, accountability, and communication.

The Casa Durval Paiva fulfills the mission of welcoming children and teenagers with cancer and chronic hematological diseases and their families, during and after treatment, seeking a cure, contributing to the recovery of their citizenship, dignity, and quality of life. A total of 1,523 children and teenagers were already assisted since its foundation. Today we have 537 in treatment, coming from 133 different cities in Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Ceará, Piauí, and Sergipe.

The institution offers hospitality; lodging; food; mediation of hospital medical care; referrals and transportation for examinations and consultations; in addition to promoting well-being with multi-professional support - psychological, social, nutritional, physiotherapeutic, dental, pharmaceutical, pedagogical, therapeutic and occupational therapeutics. Find out more about the Casa's work at

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